AI Content Marketing - An Overview
Kira Stürzer
Kira Stürzer
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AI Content Marketing - An Overview

How Artificial Intelligence can assist with marketing copy.

AI is on the rise and has already proven to be extremely useful in many different professions. Content marketing also benefits enormously from the many different AI software applications.

Content marketers in particular have been given a tool with ChatGPT and other AI models that is tailored exactly to their needs.

Finally, the most prominent AI currently available, "ChatGPT," has been trained to interact with users in natural language and engage in human-like conversations. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) therefore has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to content in the form of text. AI technologies make it possible to generate, analyze and optimize texts automatically. By using AI as a writing assistant, marketers can create high-quality content more efficiently and quickly.

What forms of "AI content marketing tools" for texts already exist?

Overall, AI offers a wide range of possibilities in the area of text content. From automatic content generation to text analytics and optimization, AI can help you create high-quality, targeted content. By using AI, marketers can increase efficiency, save time, and improve their content strategy.

In the meantime, a whole market has already developed around AI as a "writing assistant". Besides the original AI models such as Chat GPT or Google's Bard, there are also some "AI Content Marketing Tools" that use Artificial Intelligence to pursue a specific purpose.

The prompt catalogs

One of the main applications of AI in the text domain is the automatic generation of content. Using machine learning algorithms, AI can analyze large amounts of data and generate new texts from it. This is particularly useful when it comes to creating personalized content for different audiences. The AI can analyze users' preferences and interests and generate tailored texts based on them.

So let's first look at tools that specialize in generating texts for specific target groups. In this article, we refer to such software applications as "prompt catalogs".

A prompt is an instruction or input given to an AI model like ChatGPT to generate a specific response or output. It is the text that is presented to the model to get a desired response.

Usually, as a content marketer yourself, you know what is desired in terms of different content forms. Writing a prompt for an engaging blog post, social media post, newsletter entry, etc.? No problem. But still a bit time-consuming. Sometimes even so time-consuming that you could have written the text yourself more quickly.

For this reason, there are AI content generators that take care of the prompts via so-called "AI templates".

The AI Content Marketing Tool Frase is a vivid example of this. For example, if you want to create a social media ad according to the AIDA model (attention - interest - desire - action), the platform offers a practical template for this. Homepage

Let's try it out. There are four input fields to choose from to customize a social media ad. "Language, Product Description, Audience and Creativity.

Now we want to create a social media ad that promotes wool socks in fancy colors. Our target audience is women and men in their 20s who are interested in fashion. We will address them in English, because we want to reach many people in different countries. And last but not least, we give the program the freedom to text as creatively as possible.

Here's what came out of the experiment:

Attention: Step up your sock game with our wool socks in fancy colors!

‍Interest: Made with high-quality wool, our socks are not only stylish, but they're also durable and comfortable. You won't have to sacrifice fashion for function with these socks. Plus, with a variety of colors to choose from, you can mix and match to create unique looks.

‍Desire: If you're a fashion-interested woman or man in your 20s, you won't want to miss out on adding these socks to your collection. They're perfect for any occasion, whether you're dressing up or down.

‍Action: Don't wait, order your wool socks in fancy colors today and elevate your sock game!

So, not bad at all, right? Even if the finished text is a bit too direct, it still makes you want the product.

Of course, Frase provides many other templates that conjure up specific text forms with just a few inputs. For example, "Article Writer" or even "Definition". In addition, the program can also provide inspiration for a specific topic. For this purpose, there are templates like "Blog Title Ideas" or "List of Questions".

Besides the web application Frase there are also many other tools that offer similar prompt templates. For example TextCortex or Text Wizard.

The Content Optimisation Tools

If the prompt catalogs are basically about creating content, the content optimization tools are more about optimizing text.

AI can analyze texts and suggest improvements to increase readability, comprehensibility, and relevance. This can help ensure that texts are better suited to readers' needs and thus have a greater impact.

The term SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is also an important aspect of content marketing. Content optimization tools usually offer the possibility to optimize website text for keywords. This improves the visibility and ranking of a website in search engine results.

SEO is of crucial importance. After all, most Internet users use search engines to look for information, products or services on the Web. If a website does not appear in search results, it may not be found by potential visitors. Therefore, it is important that companies optimize their websites so that they can be recognized and indexed by search engines.

Content optimization tools use artificial intelligence to optimize a text so that it is attractive to both readers and search engines.

These tools can automatically identify relevant keywords and integrate them into the text to increase visibility in search engine results.

If you have already found out relevant keywords for your website through a keyword research (highly recommended!), then texts can also be checked for the right keyword density with such a tool.

Was the keyword included too often? Or too rarely? Which additional keywords should be included in the text to cover the topic in full?

With all these issues, a content optimization tool can help and make the life of any content marketer easier.

SemRush SEO Writing Assistant - Quality Check

Also, such software programs help to optimize the structure and formatting of the content so that readability and usability are improved.

So overall, we give it a thumbs up!

If you are curious now, feel free to try one of the following content optimization tools. Surely there are several more, but we found the following tools very helpful:

This brings us to the end of our overview. Basically, we can summarize that AI has created a new market. Namely, a market of web applications that do everything they can to make text generation and optimization incredibly easy.

But even if AI can write fantastically, the creativity and ideas of a good content marketer are still the spice in the text soup.


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