Website relaunch checklist: Step-by-step to a successful website
Marcel Deelen
Marcel Deelen

Website relaunch checklist: Step-by-step to a successful website

Launching or redesigning a website is an exciting milestone. However, it requires careful planning and attention to detail to build a website smoothly and successfully. An important tool that can contribute significantly to success is a comprehensive website relaunch checklist.

In this article, we'll introduce you to the most important points that you should check before your website's launch date. If you carefully go through our checklist during the test phase, you can identify and fix potential problems early on, improve usability, and build a strong online presence right from the start.

Website relaunch checklist

1. Web design and layout:

  • Review the overall visual appeal and consistency of the website design.
  • Review the placement and formatting of all text, images, and multimedia elements.
  • Make sure the website is mobile-friendly and displays correctly on various devices and screen sizes.

2. Navigation and user interface:

  • Test all links, buttons, and menus and make sure they lead to the right pages.
  • Check the ease of navigation and the logical flow of information.
  • Check the accessibility and visibility of the main navigation menu.

3. Substantive review:

  • Check all content on the website for grammar, spelling, and factual accuracy.
  • Make sure that all images have appropriate alt tags to ensure website accessibility.
  • Make sure the content is concise, engaging, and consistent with your brand.
  • Review and optimize meta tags, headlines, and URLs for SEO.

4. Functionality and compatibility:

  • Test the website's functionality on multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) and on multiple operating systems (macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android).
  • Check the website's compatibility with various devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).
  • Review any form submissions, data collection, and email notifications.
  • Try out interactive elements like sliders, accordions, and carousels.

5. Performance optimization:

  • Check the website's loading speed and optimize images and multimedia files for faster load times.
  • Make sure caching, compression, and minification techniques are implemented.
  • Check that the website is optimized for SEO, including the correct use of keywords and meta tags.
  • Set up 301 redirects and make sure all old URLs lead to new pages.

6. Safety measures:

  • Verify that the SSL certificate is installed and that the website is using HTTPS.
  • Review the CMP administration (cookie consent, legal notice and privacy policy).

7. Analytics and Tracking:

  • Make sure that website analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, are properly integrated.
  • Test whether event tracking is integrated in compliance with data protection regulations and check conversion tracking and objectives.
  • Set up bug tracking and monitoring tools to quickly identify and fix issues.

8. SEO checks:

  • Review and optimize meta titles, meta descriptions, and keywords for every page.
  • Pay attention to the correct use of headline tags (H1, H2, etc.) and the placement of keywords.
  • Consider including XML sitemaps and robots.txt files for crawling by search engines.
  • Set up a global canonical tag.

9. Compliance with web accessibility:

  • Make sure that the headline structure and hierarchical structure of the content are correct.
  • Verify that you use alternative text for images and that form fields are properly labeled.
  • Make sure the color contrast for the text is AAA.
  • Check that all clickable elements have a correct size of 48px on touch devices.


Launching a website without a thorough checklist can result in functional issues, poor user experience, and missed opportunities. With the help of a comprehensive website relaunch checklist, you can ensure that all aspects of your website are reviewed, tested and optimized. From functionality and design to SEO and accessibility, every item on the checklist plays a decisive role in a successful relaunch. So take the time to go through the checklist and make any necessary adjustments before launching your website. In this way, you maximize your chances of a smooth, appealing, and effective online presence.

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