SEO optimization for BelForm

SEO optimization for BelForm

More visibility, more traffic, more leads

More visibility, more traffic, more leads

SEO optimization for BelForm

SEO optimization for BelForm

More visibility, more traffic, more leads

More visibility, more traffic, more leads

Key results after 1.5 years
more page views
more leads
BelForm develops individual utilization as well as, living concepts & object equipment for Serviced Apartments, Boardinghouses, Micro-apartments & Co-Living.
München, DE


BelForm is a consulting company specialized in innovative living and utility concepts, operating in a niche where it is crucial to define the appropriate keyword strategy to quickly become visible in the search engines. Our goal is to continuously increase the online presence and establish a strong positioning in the search engines in the long term.

  • No visibility
  • No keyword strategy
  • Unoptimized funnel
  • Missing tracking concept
  • Missing data and analysis of the target group


Based on an extensive target group analysis, a keyword set was created that forms the basis for all further online marketing activities and decisions. Relevant search terms were assigned to existing landing pages and optimized organically. In addition, a tracking concept was developed and implemented to collect relevant data and record the performance in reports in order to derive continuous improvement measures from a joint analysis.

  • Target group analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Website optimization for focus keywords
  • Creation of a glossary to be able to rank for all relevant terms
  • Tracking setup
  • Joint analyses of data based on created reports

Keyword research: The foundation for top search engine ranking

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of relevant keywords to develop both short-term and long-term strategies for online presence. By using industry-specific tools and considering competitive analysis, search volume and current trends, we identified the perfect mix of promising keywords. This meticulous approach allows us to create targeted content that is optimized for both the target audience and search engines.

Excerpt from an exemplary keyword research divided by areas and search volume

In the limelight from A to Z: The glossary as SEO secret weapon

The glossary is not only an informative reference tool for your visitors, but also an effective tool for SEO optimization. By creating a comprehensive glossary containing industry-specific terms and relevant keywords, we offer the target group valuable added value and increase online presence at the same time. The clearly structured and attractively worded entries help search engines recognize expert status and better position BelForm's website for the relevant terms.

Continuous increase of organic traffic and keywords

The applied SEO measures help to create sustainable visibility and awareness of the website in search results. By optimizing the content and increasing the relevance and authority of the website, long-term success is achieved and free traffic is generated.

Der Sichtbarkeits-Index von Sistrix zeigt das stetig steigende Ranking relevanter Keywords
Sistrix's visibility index shows the steadily increasing ranking of relevant keywords
Graphen zeigen die Steigerung des organischen Traffic und die Anzahl der Keywords mit Suchergebnissen
Graphs show the increase in organic traffic and the number of keywords with search results

The most important keywords on page 1 on Google

99.1 percent of all clicks on Google occur on page 1 of the search results.
That is why our search engine optimization is designed to rank in the top 10.

Keyword Ranking Verteilung bei Google - die meisten der Keywords sind auf Seite 1
Keyword ranking distribution on Google - most of the keywords are on page 1
Webnique has successfully increased our online presence and website traffic through a tailored SEO strategy. Their continuous optimization and professional approach led to a significant improvement in organic reach and thus to more leads and turnover in the company.
Benjamin Oeckl
Founder & CEO
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