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Web Analytics & Web Tracking

Web Analytics & Web Tracking

94% of companies say web analytics data is essential for business growth

Proper web tracking is essential for your company in the digital age, as you can use relevant data to identify important trends and recognize patterns. You'll gain insights into user behavior on your website and learn who visits your online presence when and why and what their user journey looks like.

All of this information helps you decisively in important decision-making processes. As a web analytics agency from Munich, we help you obtain this data, evaluate it and optimize your company's processes. Data-based, data protection-compliant and measurable.

What is web analytics?

Implementing web analytics tools is about collecting and analyzing website data. This includes in particular the tracking of user behavior on the website, such as visitor numbers, page views, traffic source and length of stay. Statements can also be made about the users themselves, such as age, geographical origin and the user device (tablet, mobile phone, PC).

Another very important part of web analytics is conversion tracking. This refers to tracking the behavior of users on a website to determine whether they have taken the desired action. This “desired action” can be, for example, a purchase, filling out a form or subscribing to a newsletter. Conversion tracking helps you understand how effective your website is in terms of your desired goals by recording how many visitors actually become customers or leads.

The tools we use

As an agency for web design and online marketing, we use a wide range of useful tools and technologies for web analytics. We support you from setting up the appropriate web analytics software to evaluating the collected data. In this way, you can gather valuable insights about your target group in compliance with GDPR and without much effort. We can then optimize your website so that the needs of your website visitors are better met.

Google Analytics is still the standard among web analysis software tools. The powerful software is available free of charge and provides you with detailed information about traffic on your website. The entire field of measurable information can be found here. Google Analytics works with cookies. As an experienced Google Analytics agency, however, we are very familiar with the current data protection regulations and can also guarantee privacy-compliant Google Analytics Tracking for your company. In addition, by using Google Analytics, we can also set up special goals (conversion tracking) via Google Tag Manager to measure your conversion rate and the success of your marketing campaigns.

Matomo is a cookie-free alternative to Google Analytics, which we offer to customers who would rather host their data analytics tool on their own servers. We would be happy to advise you which option is the right one for your company.

Plausible analytics is also a cookie-free web analysis tool that provides insights into visitor numbers, page views and the origin of visitors to a website. It's easy to use, transparent in terms of privacy, and available both as a cloud service and self-hosting. Plausible Analytics focuses on the essentials and is well suited for your website if you're looking for an uncomplicated, privacy-friendly solution.

HubSpot As an all-in-one platform, we also offer comprehensive data analytics tools with which we can measure and, if necessary, optimize the performance of your website, social media channels, emails and much more.

Hotjar is an effective heat mapping tool that allows us to measure which areas of your website get the most attention and which parts are more likely to be ignored. With this information, we can improve the usability of your website and customize the design so that it optimizes the user experience.

Semrush and Sistrix are essential tools that we use to measure the visibility of your website and content. In addition to the Google Search Console, they are elementary for good SEO and offer a variety of features to improve the content of your website. Based on the extensive information provided by these tools, we can optimize your page for users and increase their ranking in search results.

Interpret web analytics data correctly

But data must not only be collected, but also interpreted in order to benefit from it. Web analytics tools usually offer reporting functions and dashboards to present the collected data in a clear way. This makes it easier to interpret and communicate the results.

However, setting up these dashboards correctly is still a time-consuming task, especially when you image each software individually. As an experienced analytics agency, we are happy to help you create a Marketing Performance Dashboards , which collects all relevant information from your entire data sources and presents it in a structured way. This allows you to collect the data obtained more quickly and make well-founded decisions for your company.

Measurable success with Webnique

Collecting, evaluating, and interpreting data is essential if you want to measure the success of your website and the behavior of your customers. The data is within reach. As a proven web analytics agency, you can help you use this data professionally. Just send us an email, send us a homing pigeon, give us a smoke signal or simply and without obligation click on our “Request a project” button.

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