Website relaunch for Synera

Website relaunch for Synera

A new chapter in visual programming

A new chapter in visual programming

Website relaunch for Synera

Website relaunch for Synera

A new chapter in visual programming

A new chapter in visual programming

Synera uses visual programming to accelerate development, weave CAx tools into a digital thread, and democratize expertise across the enterprise.
Bremen, DE
11 – 50
17.5 m €


Synera faced several challenges that were impacting the performance and branding of their website. Synera needed a platform that reflected their innovation and dynamism while clearly explaining their unique process of "Generative Engineering".

  • Brand not representative of innovativeness and dynamism of Synera
  • "Generative engineering" process in need of explanation and not highlighted
  • Lack of leads through the website
  • High loading times and great maintenance effort
  • Insufficient online visibility
  • User journey not intuitive and optimized


We took a comprehensive relaunch approach that addressed Synera's core challenges and provided a user-friendly, high-performing website.

  • Rebranding that reflects Synera's innovative strength
  • Clear, intuitive page structure that guides the user through the "generative engineering" process
  • A flexible design system that leaves room for future growth
  • Strengthening credibility through integration of partner companies and case studies
  • Improved website performance and targeted marketing strategies

From low visibility to industry-leading performance

Agile and adaptable Webflow CMS for future-oriented web presence

Using Webflow CMS, we ensured fast, efficient and future-proof website development that facilitates maintenance and updates. This platform enabled us to react quickly to changing market needs and to continuously optimize the website.

Website relaunch strategy workshop

A tailor-made workshop helped us to understand Synera's core goals and requirements and to create a clear roadmap for the relaunch.

Site map structuring process
Home page wireframes give a first feel for layout and content

Flexible components for a modular design system

Our solution integrated a flexible design system that is modular and customizable to support Synera's growth and expansion plans.

Targeting: Tailored content for maximum response

Through targeted content strategies and user journeys, we have helped Synera to effectively address and retain its target group. This led to increased user interaction and stronger customer loyalty.

Conclusion: A transformative journey from challenges to market leadership

The relaunch of the Synera website was a resounding success. With a stronger brand, improved user experience, and streamlined marketing strategies, Synera is now better positioned to excel in the world of visual programming. The relaunch has not only improved the online presence, but also contributed to strengthening market leadership.

The relaunch of our website by Webnnique has not only transformed our online presence, but also consolidated our position in the market. We are now proud to show our innovation and unique approach to everyone who visits our site.
Moritz Maier
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