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Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Improving the loading time by 0.1 seconds can already increase the conversion rate by 8%.

A good and converting website not only thrives on convincing design and practical functionalities. It must also be able to demonstrate outstanding performance or page speed. Slow-loading pages, no matter how convincing they may be with their other qualities, frustrate customers and can lead to long-term loss. That is why, as a web design agency, we also offer performance optimization.

How can you optimize the performance of your website?

Optimizing the performance of your website can be affected by a variety of factors: too large images, too much data being sent, a slow database and a slow server are among the biggest drawbacks. We measure the loading time of your website and identify the need for optimization and then address this with individual solutions and advanced technologies.

File optimization

Most elements that impair the performance of your website are in the front-end — i.e. the area with which users interact. The more dynamically your website is built and the larger your image and video files are, the slower the loading speed will be.

Depending on your needs, we compress the size of the files on your website, remove unnecessary scripts, and use optimized caching methods to optimize the page's performance. The image and video elements can also be easily compressed or optimized using modern image formats such as WebP and WebM.

Website code

In the backend, complex code can also lead to longer loading times. Our developers look at your website's code and optimize it by using efficient algorithms, minimizing code repetition, and removing superfluous code.

Mobile optimization

Today, well over half of all users access the Internet from their mobile phones. For websites, this means that they must also be optimized for mobile devices. We help your company to make your own website mobile-friendly so that it is perfectly adapted to all devices and benefits from improved loading times. To do this, we draw on our many years of experience in the area of responsive web design.

Hosting platform

Our expertise in website performance covers a wide range of hosting platforms and CMS systems, such as Webflow, WordPress, Shopify and Statamic, as well as fully custom websites. We optimize the processes on the hosting platform for a more stable and faster website, and also help you choose the right hosting provider.

Better load times and user experience with Webnique

Optimizing the performance of your website ultimately depends on a variety of factors. And good performance is an absolute must, because it strengthens your company's online presence, deepens trust in your brand, is good for SEO and leads to a higher conversion rate in the long run. Feel free to contact us to optimize the performance of your site at all levels and to sustainably increase the ranking factor.

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Performance Optimization

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