Website relaunch for Sulzer

Website relaunch for Sulzer

Datafying business transformation

Datafying business transformation

Website relaunch for Sulzer

Website relaunch for Sulzer

Datafying business transformation

Datafying business transformation

Key Results Project
weeks implementation time
trademark protected slogan
more visibility in search engines after 2 years
more visibility in search engines after 2 years
Since 1978, Sulzer GmbH has been successfully supporting leading companies in the automotive industry with IT Solutions and Business Process Consultancy. Today, companies in the engineering and insurance sectors also benefit from their long-term expertise.
München, DE
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Sulzer’s website design had become dated, complex and difficult to navigate. There was no representation of customer success, solution differentiation, industry leadership, or future vision.

  • Outdated and unexciting branding
  • Messaging was all about Sulzer, there was no added value from the customer's perspective and the impact on their business
  • Confusing content structure
  • Over 150 hard-to-navigate sub-pages
  • The presentation of Sulzer as an attractive employer was missing
  • No effective customer success stories
  • No impressive storytelling
  • No smart call to actions


After a two-week discovery process with marketing and C-level leadership we created a powerful story of how Sulzer became the benchmark for IT experience, business process acumen, technology expertise, and reliable services that drive business breakthroughs in automotive and other industries. A visit to the Sulzer website would lead to innovative IT Solutions.

  • Modern design - exciting interpretation of the new logo and style guide - easy to navigate
  • Motivates the visitor to establish a first contact quickly and easily
  • Expertise in technology & process optimization presented credibly
  • Innovation for digital transformation & Industry 4.0
  • Customers are in safe hands

Corporate Slogans, awesome Storytelling, and effective ROI calculations that make Sulzer the IT Solutions provider of choice.

Company slogan

Powerful and meaningful corporate slogans depicting Sulzer’s experience, expertise, focus and vision for industries.

Company slogans that reflect the core promise in a nutshell

Immersive storytelling

A collection of great story elements that Webnique developed for Sulzer to create an unforgettable website experience:

Everything Sulzer wants to tell the world.

  • Let's datafy automotive™: Expressed through innovation/Industry 4.0/enthusiasm
  • Datafying Business Transformation: IT solutions that drive business breakthrough
  • Digitalizing the Enterprise & Ecosystems: Optimizing core processes to save financial resources
  • Sulzer as an innovator: “Making the impossible possible”
  • Build a Smarter Factory: Everything that changes everything becomes a data source
  • The future of mobility: Manufacturers become MSPs & the vision of mobility
  • The Sulzer advantage: Development of new business models in the automotive industry and beyond
  • AMAI & ROI: Solutions that prevent critical IT service outages while being extremely economical
  • Sulzer leadership: “We are the benchmark for IT experience in German industry”
  • Sulzer corporate culture: Agility as a differentiator
  • Sulzer agility: Agile DevOps, IT services and solutions for the lifecycle
  • Mission & values: A passion to be successful where others give up
  • X-shoring: Better profitability in IT, suitable time zones, culturally compatible, top talent pool
  • Customer success stories: The problem — the technical solution — the impact on the business
  • Customer figures: Hard facts about how customers measure Sulzer
  • Why Sulzer : Why customers choose us as their IT service provider
  • More intensive partnership: Why people want to be associated with Sulzer
  • Other industries: Door opener for future expansion

Modern design and improved content navigation

The old website before the relaunch - outdated and unexciting branding
After the relaunch - modern design - exciting interpretation of the new logo and style guide - easy to navigate

Complex content simplified

Interactive bar chart shows how process optimization by Sulzer frees up more budget from operations for growth

Interactive call to actions

Simple and effective ROI calculations for the visitors to understand how much they can expect to save with Sulzer Solutions.

Development of a simple ROI calculator for lead generation

Performance at the highest level through a specially developed WordPress theme

Google Pagspeed Score before and after the relaunch

Continuous increase in visibility

Thanks to a clean SEO setup alone, we have managed to significantly increase the visibility of the website for relevant keywords, even without continuous SEO support.

Sistrix's visibility index shows the steadily increasing ranking of relevant keywords
Webnique understood our goals and visions right from the start. They enabled Sulzer to connect with our target group through a strong digital presence.
Svenja Hochburger
Marketing Manager
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