Customers who like a brand's story are 55% more likely to buy from that brand.

In a world that is flooded with advertising, do you still remember certain commercials or ads? If so, then this advertisement has probably incorporated successful storytelling. Stories create feelings and feelings get under your skin and stay in your memory longer. Our storytelling agency helps your company to tell these stories and to convey your advertising messages in a memorable and target group-oriented way.

What is storytelling in marketing?

By using storytelling in your marketing campaigns, your brand can create an emotional connection with the target group, increase brand awareness and win customer interest and loyalty in the long term.

Nowadays, we are filled with facts and information. People absorb information much better from stories than from simple facts. We package the USPs of your products in clever storytelling so that you reach more people in the long term.

From analysis to finished story

Each compelling story is preceded by a detailed analysis of your target group and the values of your company. In this way, we can ensure that your stories appeal emotionally and that the advertising message is correctly conveyed. Our team of storytelling experts therefore works closely with you to understand your brand and vision and create a unique story.

Target group analysis

To ensure that your content meets the right people, we carry out a thorough analysis of your target group. What are their needs, wishes and motivations? What do they identify with? Which pain points are there? It is important to answer these questions so that you can get a comprehensive picture of your target group and tailor your brand message accordingly.

Storytelling concept

Authentic stories need a strong concept. In close collaboration with you, we develop a unique story that conveys your brand message and values, and at the same time captivates and inspires your target group. Supported by characters with whom your target group identifies, and sensitive problems that are solved.

Implementation on all channels

We implement your storytelling strategies on all communication channels — from your own website to Facebook and Instagram as well as on YouTube and TikTok. We support your story with appealing images, graphics and videos that touch people.

Our storytelling service is also not limited to a specific industry or a specific company. We work with companies of all sizes and industries to create tailored stories that appeal to your target audience and strengthen your brand. We want to make your brand memorable.

Inspire people with gripping storytelling

Do you want to tell memorable stories in your advertising? Our storytelling experts are happy to help you. Just contact our agency and find out how we present your brand and products online with tailor-made storytelling and integrate your advertising messages seamlessly into exciting — or funny — stories.

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