Brand communication and website relaunch for ProGlove

Brand communication and website relaunch for ProGlove

The ProGlove effect @Scale

The ProGlove effect @Scale

Brand communication and website relaunch for ProGlove

Brand communication and website relaunch for ProGlove

The ProGlove effect @Scale

The ProGlove effect @Scale

ProGlove builds the world's lightest, smallest and most rugged barcode scanners that deliver actionable information to workers in real time.
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ProGlove's website had reached a point where its impact was overtaken by the company's growth and expansion plans.

Although the product-centric focus was well articulated, it failed to communicate the operational benefits, potential savings, and ROI in a scaled application.

  • Weak articulation of vision, mission and market leadership
  • Lack of translation of technical advantages into economic and financial facts
  • Uninspired call to actions
  • No communication of economic impact when products are used on a scaled basis
  • No measurement of ROI
  • Unique selling propositions compared to the competition were difficult to understand


After thoroughly studying the product, market and growth plans, we convinced ProGlove that a scalability story should be added to the existing product message. This meant shifting the focus away from a single scanner, to the potential savings (cost, time and errors) that would come from deploying the scanners across the supply chain.

  • Clear formulation of ProGlove's vision, mission and innovation
  • Attractive and easy-to-use ROI calculators as interactive call-to-actions
  • Active counters for labor hours saved and errors avoided to quantify the sheer magnitude of the ProGlove effect.
  • Bright, attractive and modern design
  • Excellent SEO performance
  • Clear benefits for business and technical decision makers as well as ProGlove users
  • Integrated storytelling for companies
  • Strong focus on ProGlove as an attractive workplace

The ProGlove Effect @Scale, ROI measurements and business impact across the entire supply chain.

ProGlove @Scale

The ProGlove Effect @Scale is a story with monstrous figures. Seen from this point of view, the composite effect of the scanners is easy for any visitor to understand.

Active real-time data shows the monstrous effect of the scanners used.

Effective call-to-actions to measure ROI

A fast and effective way to generate leads

Application examples and the impact on business

End-to-end supply chain use cases to illustrate where, when, and why ProGlove should be used

To help users seamlessly navigate through all areas of the website, we developed a series of icons that support different benefits, services, or explanations. This makes the content easier for the user to scan and gives a visual context to the texts.

With Webnique, we've got more than just great web design and performance. From day one, the team worked with the necessary sense of urgency and constantly challenged us to focus on the measurable business impact of our products on a large scale. The result has helped us take our growth to the next level.
Manuel Bönisch
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