Career website for IU International University

Career website for IU International University

Transforming education

Transforming education

Career website for IU International University

Career website for IU International University

Transforming education

Transforming education

KPIs 4 months after relaunch
more visibility in search engines
more conversions
page speed score on Google
page speed score on Google
IU International University of Applied Science (IU) is bringing education to the world, with unfettered access for everyone to grow and prosper— empowering people through the best personalized education experience.
Bad Honnef, DE
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IU's journey is exciting, transformative, and driven by a team of like-minded, pioneering people working on a better future for everyone. However, their career website did not reflect the size of their mission, nor was it convincing of the type of employees they wanted to attract to their success. Overall, the website was unexciting and uninspiring.

  • Poor presentation of IU's vision and mission
  • The excitement around IU innovation and the transformational impact of their business model was not clear and up front
  • Employee voices were not integrated into an overarching story
  • Inadequate presentation of their unique and strong work culture
  • The type of game changing personality and character required to drive their vision and mission was missing entirely


A complete overhaul of the website was deemed necessary by the IU & Webnique project team. From creating a brand new story, content, and messaging to the implementation of a new CI design, together, we developed a website that would not only attract more job applicants but significantly increase the suitability of the applicants in terms of the game changing mindsets required by IU for their transformational journey to succeed.

  • Laser focus on why employees choose to work at IU and why they stay with IU
  • Why IU is a cool employer by enabling others to grow—a virtuous circle of support
  • Clear articulation of an exciting mission and how everyone is responsible for driving it forward
  • Developing an inspiring corporate culture message
  • Presentation of the IU as a future-oriented, technology-enthusiastic employer
  • Flexibility and simplicity at the heart of all messages and content
  • Presentation of IU as a hotbed of go-beyond people and talent

Game changing and tech-savvy talent, inspired by a unique culture, powerful culture, driving opportunity for all.

Empower people through the best possible personalized training.

The new landing page of the IU career website

Powerful culture

A culture slogan with values that helps all potential applicants to quickly understand why IU is a great place to work.

'Culture of Everyone' forms the core of the new employer branding

Seamless integration for efficient processes

IU uses the workforce management tool Workday. A central aspect of the new career platform was the integration of the existing system. Job advertisements are still managed in Workday and automatically synchronized to the website.

Workday's integrated workflow into the new platform is supported by powerful Agolia search.

A career platform inspired by proven eCommerce best practices

How can we make conversion driving functions usable for an applicant platform? We are working on this question and have integrated features that are otherwise only known from classic eCommerce. Powerful search, sophisticated filters, ad popularity, scarcity creation... these are just a few of the proven methods we've successfully implemented to increase conversion rates.

The search result overview with filter functions
The job details page

Performance at the highest level

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, the new website is extremely efficient and outputs search results within fractions of a second. The result is a responsive and pleasant experience for users and guarantees the customer a high level of future security and scalability of the system.

Pagspeed score of the mobile homepage

Continuous increase in lead generation

Number of conversions from September 2021 to April 2022
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