Website Keywords

Website Keywords

More than 60% of all traffic to corporate websites comes from search.

Website keywords are an essential part of every successful SEO Strategy. Determining the right keywords and incorporating them into your own website is a continuous process — especially because keywords and marketing trends are constantly changing. As a professional web design agency, we relieve you of this task and use our know-how to get your website to the top of the search results of Google and Co.

Keyword research

To find the most effective keywords for your website, our keyword research specialists first start by carefully analyzing your industry, target audience, and competition. What is being searched for? Which keywords do users enter most often? Which keywords do other companies use?

We answer these questions using efficient SEO tools and, based on this, create a detailed list of relevant keywords, with particular attention to their search volume and underlying intent.

Keyword mapping & integration

This is followed by keyword mapping, which assigns one or two suitable keywords with high search volume to each individual website of your web presence. This helps you to always keep track of things and avoid keyword cannibalism.

We then seamlessly integrate the selected keywords into the content of your website: Headlines, meta tags, URLs, body text, image names and descriptions are all optimized with the appropriate keywords so that your company can be more easily identified by Google and Co., and the page ranks as high as possible.

Longtail keywords

As part of our keyword research, we also identify the appropriate long-tail keywords to ensure that your website is also found in specific search queries. Users who enter long-tail keywords usually pursue a specific goal, which they want to achieve with a search query that is as targeted as possible. These types of keywords have a particularly high conversion rate, which is why it is worthwhile to invest in them.

Position tracking and optimization

Keyword research is not a one-off task, but a continuous process: Marketing trends are changing and the relevance of keywords is constantly changing. That's why we also offer regular monitoring and updating of your website keywords in our Keyword Research Services. So that your website is always equipped with the most relevant and effective keywords and can rank high up.

More traffic with the right website keywords

With our effective keyword analysis, your website can generate more traffic and increase the conversion rate. If your company needs help with keyword research and search engine optimization, feel free to contact us. We help you optimize your website and increase its visibility and positioning in search engine results.

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Website Keywords

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