Website relaunch for Marchi Group

Website relaunch for Marchi Group

Excellence in Mobility

Excellence in Mobility

Website relaunch for Marchi Group

Website relaunch for Marchi Group

Excellence in Mobility

Excellence in Mobility

Key results 3 months after launch
increased conversion rate
reduced bounce rate
longer average session duration
longer average session duration
more visibility in search engines
Marchi Group design, engineer and build mobile spaces from car trailers, info vans and containers to semitrailers and special construction.
Dortmund, DE
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Marchi had many websites that contained differently structured content for their solutions, products and services.

Content was available, the challenge was to prepare it so that each reference was presented with appropriate content.

  • Outdated design
  • Services & products spread across multiple websites
  • Preparation and structure of the content are unclear
  • Existing website was no longer usefully expandable


We spent a lot of time developing a meaningful structure for the different products and product groups. Once that was clear, we were able to link all services and references to each model, creating a dense network of linked pages.

  • New and modern design
  • Completely redesigned page structure with sophisticated inter-linking
  • Webflow CMS implementation
  • Newsletter integration with automatic synchronization to CRM and newsletter tool
  • Automated image optimization for improved performance

Wireframes & prototyping for efficient testing of the structure, layout and content of the website

Die Wireframe Darstellung der Website Struktur ist Teil der UX Design Phase
The wireframe presentation of the website structure is part of the UX design phase

Use cases as a central element of the SEO strategy

The extensive application examples were designed as individual pages and intercept relevant search intentions of the target groups.

Each use case is dynamically linked to associated services, references and models and therefore requires less time to maintain.

Das Mega-Menu bietet einen übersichtlichen Einstieg in die Anwendungsbeispiele. Alle Themen mit der Keyword-Strategie abgestimmt und SEO relevant.
The mega menu provides a clear introduction to the application examples. All topics are coordinated with the keyword strategy and are SEO relevant.

Dynamic filter system according to industries and applications

The extensive portfolio can be filtered quickly and easily by relevant projects

Automations that save time

To simplify Marchi's marketing, an integration with the newsletter was developed, which synchronizes the CRM Podio and Mailchimp with each other.

Automated synchronization of the website with the newsletter tool and CRM

Continuous increase in visibility

Sistrix's visibility index shows the increasing ranking of relevant keywords
The next great request has just come in! Once again, a big THANK YOU to all of you. We love the site more with every click and even cooler that it also starts right away with getting new inquiries. The Marchi crew is HAPPY!! :))
Juliane Marchi
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