Identify website visitors (software test)
Kira Stürzer
Kira Stürzer
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Identify website visitors (software test)

4 Website Visitor Analytics Software Applications in Test

Imagine being able to see which companies your website visitors are coming from.

Very useful, isn't it? After all, you could then go there right away and leave your business card at the reception: "You're interested - I know!". So or so similar 😉

But seriously: If your business is mainly B2B, then it is very helpful to know the names of potential corporate customers. E.g. in order to target online marketing measures more effectively. 

Fortunately, there are already some software solutions on the market that promise to do just that. And we wanted to know what they can deliver. 

After a bit of research, we had decided to try four market-leading solutions: 

In terms of price, the software tools are quite different, also because they use very different pricing models. For a better comparison, we have simply calculated roughly that we would like to pick up 500 company leads per month:

SalesViewer Homepage

SalesViewer's price for 500 company views is currently €299 per month. You may include up to five websites and can cancel monthly.

Snitcher Homepage

Snitcher's price for 300 to 500 company sightings is $99 a month. However, Snitcher does not allow you to limit leads. This means that if Snitcher delivers more than 500 leads, you will automatically be put in the higher price range for the month, which is $169 per month . On the other hand you have to pay less if Snitcher can deliver less. Now is that opaque or fair? That's debatable. In any case, Snitcher allows you to integrate an infinite number of websites and cancel the subscription monthly.

Leadfeeder Homepage

Leadfeeder, on the other hand, keeps it simple. Here, there is a free version with a maximum of 100 company sightings and a paid version for €199 per month, which promises 2,500 company sightings per year. "Only 2,500" one must say unfortunately, finally are thereby only roughly 208 Leads in the month inside. Invoicing and cancellation are annual. In return, you can also integrate an infinite number of websites with this software. 

Leadinfo Homepage

Leadinfo's price for approximately 500 enterprise leads is €259 per month for monthly billing and €199 per month for annual billing. The pricing concept here is the same as with Snitcher. If there are few leads, the costs are lower, if there are more leads, the costs increase. Unfortunately, it is uncertain how many websites can be integrated.

After we had a price overview, we wanted a performance comparison. How many website visitors would the tools actually identify? Since each software offers a free trail, this was not difficult to implement. 

Via the Google Tag Manager, all software solutions were then also very quickly and easily integrated into our website and after we had set the data protection DSGVO accordingly, we could start.

We ran the software tools in parallel on our website for one week. The result was surprising: all software solutions delivered different business leads! Not to exaggerate: There were a few similarities, but on the whole the results were very different. 

We were confused. Which tool was delivering the most relevant leads? We started digging and looked at each company lead in detail. In the end, we had a meaningful list of which tool was really identifying how many relevant leads in a week: 


SalesViewer: 14 leads
Snitcher: 43 leads
Leadfeeder: 11 leads
Leadinfo: 17 leads

This makes Snitcher our clear favorite. 

Whereby, all things considered, we can say: Since each software seems to detect other companies on our website, it is probably best to use all of them at once to successfully detect each website visitor.


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